The office of Frank Miller
Frank Miller has practised criminal law since 1980 and during that time has defended his clients in trial courts at all levels throughout Ontario. He has appeared before appeal courts including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. He has been successful and won acquittals on every type of case from speeding tickets to murder and continues to challenge the prosecution with aggressive cutting-edge courtroom tactics backed by a deep knowledge of the law and experience in virtually every courtroom situation.  

Frank conducts a broad range of defences to offences involving : homicides, drugs, sexual allegations, firearms and weapons,  assaults of every sort, frauds, criminal operation of motor vehicles (’drunk driving’ and dangerous driving) , and regulatory matters.  All of his cases are aggressively and creatively defended. As well, he provides counsel and guidance to persons who are concerned that they have come or may come under police investigation. This type of pro-active representation has, in some cases, resulted in charges not being laid and in others protecting the client’s interests when charges are laid. Either way, Frank Miller, provides prudent and timely advice to clients at all stages of the process.  He is highly experienced and skilled as an appeal lawyer and regularly obtains reversals of convictions.

All of Frank Miller’s clients can rely on two things: first, complete honesty about all aspects of their case including what their case is going to cost and the different ways it may end; and, second, dedication to their cases.  No compromises and no surprises. Absolutely.

If you, or someone close to you, has been charged with any type of offence whether it be an assault of any kind, drunk driving, drug or weapons offences, sexual crimes or driving offences or if you just need good honest advice on a situation involving the criminal law, contact Frank Miller’s office and arrange for a personal consultation. No charge. No obligation.